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Architectural Exteriors

Architectural 3D visuals are all regarding taking your 2d plans and turning them into fantastic  photorealistic images. We can take any  2d simple plans and turn them into stunning full 3D images and animation.

Breathe life into your architectural designs with canny perspectives towards 3D architectural visualization and animation. At The Stellar Media, we give you an impeccable output with high-end technique used to empower 3D visualization.

Architectural Interiors

We specialize in creating high quality 3d visuals to the accurate requirement of the interior designer including modeling all furnishings, finishing and fixtures.

We have an extensive collection of 3d models , textures and materials. we have successfully  done interiors for residential and commercial properties all over the world as well working on interiors for Auditorium.

Product Design

The Stellar Media has continually strived to define its product visualization work through High-detailed product modelling & illustration, Digital environments for product placement, Prototype design analysis, and Create imagery for advertising with the highest attention to detail. We have worked and created models for various industries and create sharp-quality product visuals that serve a variety of key strategic purposes during a product’s life cycle.